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The Kala tub is proving to be extremely popular for 2024 for a plug and play 1 lounger option. At the perfect 2m sizing it offers seating for 6 people and looks stunning with its built in LED perimeter strip on the exterior. Simply plug in and start enjoying your summer party or evenings under the stars whilst enjoying your favourite music from the Bluetooth music system







✔ FREE Insulated Cover     

FREE Steps

FREE O-Care Water Treatment

FREE Spa Scents

FREE Spare Filter

FREE Chemical Starter Kit

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  • 2 X 2 X 0.82m 6 Person Tub

    1 Pump 13 Amp System

    25 Jets

    LED Perimeter/Underwater/Cabinet Strip Lighting

    Bluetooth Music System

    1 Lounger/ 5 Seats

    2kw Heater

    Balboa Touch Control System

    1 x 2hp Hydro Pump

    Ozone Cleaning System

    Available in White or Black Pearl


Imagine everything you ever wanted top side controls to be and here you have them. Take them in your hands, get their feel, press a key or two, look at their display and you'll know you're holding Gecko’s promises of advanced and reliable technology, a complete series of multi-function and multi-feature keypads for spas and hot tubs.


Most of our hot tubs are equipped with music systems so you can sit back and relax in the spa whilst listening to your favourite songs.

All our hot tubs come with Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to connect your smartphone, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled sound device.

Play your favourite tunes whether it be jazz, pop or rock and impress your friends and family with the sound system your hot tub holds.


Scientists have claimed that the amount of lighting affects the regulation of emotions, such as happiness and sadness, through the nervous and endocrine systems.

We have used LED lighting in our hot tubs to enhance the users pleasure whilst using our hot tub, by selecting lighting that only enhances the persons mood.

All our hot tubs comes with a form of LED mood lighting. This gives the hot tub a very modern look but also improves the mental mood of the user.

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